Queen Bee

This year we have had our share of swarms and with them come new queens. The queen cell is bigger, longer and…more regal. (The peanut shape centre left of image) With our one swarming hive we left all the attached queen cells to hatch and swarm when they decided. Something not normally recommended in beekeeping circles. We are supposed to cut off all additional cells except one. Leaving that one cell to be the queen for the remaining hive. Our point was to not interfere with this hive and let them sort themselves out for themselves. We wanted to see what happens, to learn, experiment, fail and perhaps have a stronger hive genetically. We wanted to withdraw the royal treatment they had all summer and let them do what they wanted. The hive now has a new queen and two full brood boxes of honey ready for winter. We’ll know next spring how it turns out.

Click on photo for a larger image.

queen cell

I have been following many different resources on beekeeping, mainly through the internet. Some of these have been very useful to me and one in particular stands out. http://www.honeybeesuite.com/blog/ has for me been of great value. Full of down to earth, easy to understand information presented in a logical manner by someone who obviously has some academic knowledge of the subject matter. A big thank you goes to Rusty for keeping the information coming at the times when we have needed it most, six months in advance! Check out the site for all matters related to bees and then maybe you may want to start yourself.


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