Winter inspection

This past weekend we checked on the hives. After another snowstorm the bottom entrances needed opening and it was a good time to put an ear to the hives. Surprisingly all four hives hummed away. Its been another below average winter again and although it started later than last year the cold has been on everyones mind. This year we wrapped the hives in black tar paper and this has helped by keeping the temperature behind it a full ten degrees warmer than whats outside. Hopefully with this increased warmth from the sun it has allowed the bees to break cluster and move about the hive. Shortly we will be adding some additional sugar to each hive and in a week or two some commercially made pollen patties, if and when the temperature gets above zero. The next few months seem to be a critical time for the colony. With food reserves running low, a heavy blanket of snow reducing cleansing flights and the queen not into full egg laying production yet, the hives have to hang on until the newly hatched bees and better weather arrives

The statues of Easter Island

The statues of Easter Island

2015-02-23 09.22.50 am

Clearing hives-2015



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