Apiculture Gatineau

This past Sunday saw the annual “La fête des semences de l’Outaouais” held at the Gatineau town hall. A local group, recently formed, “Apiculture Gatineau” (established to make urban beekeeping legal in Gatineau) held a well attended conference at this event. It was heartening to see so many people engaged in the discussion and I am sure the future looks good to change the city bylaws on beekeeping in Gatineau. I may be mistaken, but bylaws that have not been modified since 1947. Urban beekeeping needs all the help it can get and with all the ideas brought forward they will be busy as bees for the next twenty years. Many thanks to Pablo, Dominic, Daniel, Propolis-etc and everyone else who volunteered to get the booth up and running at short notice.





Links:  Apiculture-Gatineau   /  La fete des semences de l’Outaouais


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