Cuban Honey

Once again a good friend has brought back a wonderful gift from her travels – Cuban honey. There is not much information on honey or beekeeping in general from Cuba. I did however find some dated information from APIACTA (2003) where they report to have a total of 1720 beekeepers using mostly Langstroth hives. The honey is reputed to be very floral in flavour since the nectar is largely from tropical blossom. Cuba is a large island and hives are spread out across the different areas to cope with droughts or hurricanes as the climate and seasons change. What they call a “migratory production” largely from wild plants with honey harvest from September to February. Its been well over twenty years since I was in Cuba and work took up a large part of that visit at the time. Beekeeping was not one of my interests at the time either. I am looking forward to start planning my next visit while tasting the honey from this jar. Thanks Celine ! I am looking forward to the tasting.

Cuban Honey02

Links:  Cuban Honey  /  Cuban Beekeeping


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