The spring season begins

It is now the first of May and this weekend begins the beginning of a new bee season. Already we have large numbers of forager bees coming into the hive with big loads of pollen. Most of this coming from Spruce, Maple and early Pine trees in the local area. A good sign that new brood is being made and activity is underway to increase the population. This is in anticipation of the coming spring nectar flow. That’s the idea anyway, we’ll see what the new season and weather brings. Temperatures are expecting to be up to 24*C. In the next day or two we will clean out the hives, perhaps reverse a brood box if needed and add slatted racks to each hive. These will be new for us this season. The racks extend the bottom box allowing the queen to lay over the whole panel, give a space for bees to “hang out” exchange food supplies and eliminate cold draughts. Sorta like adding a water cooler, tavern or coffee shop to the front entrance. The added bonus is that its “supposed” to help eliminate swarming. We’ll let you know if the idea works in future posts. We may even conduct bee interviews asking about their liquid preference and report back…

Click on images for a larger size.

Fresh pollen or cuisses de velours

Fresh pollen or cuisses de velours

New brood hatching

New brood hatching


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