Packing in the honey

We have managed to collect some honey this past week. With Jocelyne’s help in filling the jars on Saturday we finished the sticky job and she went home happy. The bees have been active and with temperatures in the mid 30’s celsius the hives are in full production. The hives are like chimneys with 50,000+ bees in each creating a lot of activity and heat. Taking some panels of honey has made some extra space available, supplied some fresh air and given them a sign that the job is not complete. When there is work still to be done it will mean the swarming tendencies are suppressed, theoretically.

2015 honey harvest

2015 honey harvest

When the temperature gets too hot a large number of bees are sent outside. They can be there for hours until the inside temperature drops and they can enter again to continue their work. This is often mistaken for an imminent swarm. Once outside a large number of bees commence fanning. This can be to force air into the hive or draw warm air out. You can see a large number at the entrance in this photo.

Fanning bees at hive entrance.

Fanning bees at hive entrance.

We have also made up some stickers for our honey this year. With a roll of old packing tape and a rubber stamp our marketing campaign was put in place. Since our bees are also on a roll we may have some surplus honey for sale. If you may want a jar or two, contact us and the bees will live up to their corporate motto, “success unshared is failure”.

Cuisses de velours honey.

Cuisses de velours honey.


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