Swarm, the natural instinct.

We had thought the possibility of a swarm this year was past us. However this week we had one from our most docile hive. It had lots of room, plenty of honey space and was a pleasure to work with. This best of our hives. Perhaps it was this quiet state within the hive that allowed us to forget about them a little too much. The hive is also the product of a swarm from last year so perhaps some genetics are involved also. They didn’t go far, six feet into the nearest tree. But of course they had to go six inches higher than I could reach! Eventually they were convinced to get into a box and then they were transferred into a small nuc for the evening. We were pleased to offer the nuc to Daniel H. at L’Apiculteur urbain de Hull. Daniel treats his bees like true royalty and his new Warre hive will be their home.


15,000+ bees just waiting for the scouts to make a choice on where to go next.


We try to treat our bees with respect and give them all the comforts they expect. Just look at that cardboard box, refrigerated, vacuum cooled and ventilated. Nothing but the best for our girls!


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