Bee excluder

Bee excluder

Bee excluder

There are times when I think those in the beekeeping industry are still working in another century. But then there are still good reasons to use what works. Why change what has been used for decades and start on something unknown. Take the bee excluder for example, pictured above. This simple piece of plywood with a triangular exit path is used to exclude bees from the honey laden supers when you wish to take them off and extract the honey. They are usually placed between the honey supers and main brood breeding boxes one day and taken of the following. The bees travel down the hole and out the path to the bottom box, unable to return back through the channels. It makes getting the honey off the hive easier and simpler. All very straight forward you would think. But bees don’t work like that. For whatever reason many bees stay in the honey supers. Dedicated as they are, they refuse to leave. No smoko, coffee break or union pause. Its work and it shows the attitude they have to get the job done. So if a new method or product was made to exclude the bees, I hope someone tells them. Send them with instructions ahead of time, because they have  stuff to do and don’t really have any spare time to waste.


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