Book Review – Beeswax Alchemy

Beeswax Alchemy

 A must-have book for the beeswax enthusiast !
Beeswax Alchemy
How to make your own candles, soap, balms, salves and home décor from the hive.
Written by Petra Ahnert, Quarry Books, 2015
Petra Ahnert is an American apiarist and entrepreneur. She has set up a very satisfying business which allows her to find perfect harmony using her analytical skills (she had a first career of 16 years as an engineer) and drawing upon her creativity.
From the time she took on soap-making as a hobby and the discovery of apiculture by her partner, she experimented with new ingredients. She developed knowledge and understanding about their uses in new recipes.
In her book, she explains what beeswax is, how it has been used in the past and today. In each chapter, photographs illustrate step-by-step processes. Ingredients and their properties are clearly described. Materials, equipment to use and insiders tips make it a very practical and fun guide. The reader will find out how to transform beeswax into useful products for home and health. You could learn how to make beeswax ornaments, furniture polish and even how to waterproof sneakers ! Finally, the techniques of batik and encaustic using beeswax as an art medium are presented.
Well done, Petra ! Many thanks for sharing your expertise and knowledge !
Book reviewed by Nicole M.


One thought on “Book Review – Beeswax Alchemy

  1. What a well thought out and nice review of my book! Thanks! I hope your bees grace you with lots of honey and wax!

    I should add that since I was getting questions about recipes in the book, I have created a Beeswax Alchemy forum on my website so that everyone that joins can benefit from the answers and exchange ideas.

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