Bring out your dead.


No its not Monty Python, Iran Maiden or another Punk music recording. This is in fact a good sign for the beekeeper. Throughout winter as the specially bred winter bees die off, they are routinely dragged out the front door and left to rot. (they live up to three months rather than the six weeks for summer bees) This is a good indication that the colony and queen have good hygiene habits and can pass this important trait onto following hive residents. Our hives are presently receiving full sun from its low winter path and this heats the black tar paper very well. Upon placing my ear onto the hive we could tell that the cluster has moved up from the lower brood box to the central hive area on the sun warmed Western side. I assume that they follow this direction East, South and lastly West daily to take advantage of this moving warmth. Our winter inspection finished by shovelling up the Northern side of the hives to protect them from the winter wind. So far winter has been good and we will just continue to…look on the bright side of life.




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