Mosaicultures Intl. Montreal 2013

My apologies! This posting is a little late, just by a year or two. The images were too well organized and subsequently…misplaced. However this wonderful exhibition warrants attention. Not just in how the horticulture was displayed but for the quality of its presentation and workmanship (planners, welders, horticultural artists, architects etc). This major international horticultural event attracted over a million visitors to Montreal Botanical Gardens during the summer of 2013 (110 days). With 42 cities and organizations participating from 22 countries, the title “Land of Hope” was very well attended and organized. Just the 2013 exhibit alone won over nine awards and trophies from different competitions and  marketing organizations around the globe. You can read more about the founder Lise Cormier and her organization here: (French and English)

The following images give an idea of the exhibit during my visit at the time.




And of course some exhibits had a beekeeping theme that caught my eye.




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