Creative beekeeping opportunities

The winters here in Quebec can get long at times. As the bees are huddled down waiting for the days to increase in length beekeepers can also start thinking about other activities to work on. I have always thought that beekeepers are reluctant to engage in other commercial activities related to their industry. Perhaps this is an occupational  or particular country or regional practise of doing business. This is unfortunate as the future of the industry is not looking very promising at the moment. Sadly this may worsen.

In general I have found the general population to be very enthusiastic, supportive and interested in all sectors of the bee life cycle and industry. People want to know about bees and what they can do to help in their survival. Beekeepers have an enormous opportunity to further this awareness and build a closer relationship with their clientele. The opportunities are endless. There is more to beekeeping than selling honey and wax candles. Bees are an important part of our life with over 25% of all food products sold affected by their gift of pollination. The honey is kinda nice too!

So Mr. Velvet, what are you doing?… For the last couple of weeks I have been working on assembling different images related to beekeeping. The idea is to have nine pieces that can be used for publicity or educative purposes separately or together. Each image will be printed and produced in poster format size. By joining the images and printing them as one linotype poster I hope that the public in general can reconnect with their local producer and strengthen the support that already exists. This is not a big project other than taking some imagination and a bit of time to produce. I will post the final images in a few weeks once its completed. Until then here is an image of work in progress.



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