Contact address / Honey colour

Cuisses de Velours now has a new email contact address. This is in addition to our contact address on the blog. If you wish to ask questions or give feedback to any information on the blog please drop us a line. We would love to hear from you. Your suggestions and any information on beekeeping in general are always well received.

It is now approaching close to a year since last years honey was bottled. The following photo gives a good idea of how it has aged. The jar on the left, appearing more yellow, is from the end of the summer season and is from predominantly Golden Rod flowers. As can be seen it has started to crystallize well and although in a more solid state it will still retain all its unique flavours. The smaller jar on the right is from an early spring batch of honey and still remains liquid. With a strong floral flavour this jar has a darker colour and appears different from the other. These are two different pots of local honey but both just as delicious!

We believe honey should be natural and uncontaminated. None of our honey is ever processed, pasteurized, micro-filtered under pressure, treated with chemicals or added to by other honey sources. The honey you receive comes directly from our hives. If you wish to reserve some pots of honey for the coming season please contact us.

Seasonal honey colour


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