Wax and more wax

Once beekeepers have extracted the honey for the year there will always remain a large amount of wax cut from the top of the comb panels. This is usually bundled up after excess honey has been strained from it. It is then melted, filtered and cleaned to make additional products, often candles and traditionally sold for extra income. In a small operation like ours this doesn’t always make it worth the extra effort as our wax supply is small. However it doesn’t mean we cannot have some fun by going through the process anyway. Nothing beats having wax being flung around the kitchen, especially when its hot.

We start by melting the wax in a bain-marie. It certainly does not look pretty but we then strain it through cheesecloth, sometimes numerous times, before letting it set/cool in old milk or juice cartons.


These are then cut open to reveal the solid blocks of wax that can then be used in various other products. Colours can vary depending on when the wax was made as well as which panels it was taken from. This could be fresh honey comb or older stained brood comb. Pollen can also play a part in colour type since not all pollen is filtered during the melting process.


So what can be made from this wax? Candles obviously but what about lip balm, hand cream, furniture polish, facial beard softener, moustache wax, skin moisturizer, waterproofing or rust prevention products, pain reliever or an alternative to plastic food wrap. The uses are endless and are still being discovered.

We have decided to try making a body cream. This product is aimed at addressing problems related to our cold nordic winters  in Canada. It can be used by all members of the family, from babies to the elderly. After some research, our testing and results  have come up favourably. It is a very simple concoction and perhaps because of that, it has helped many limbs become more velvety.

C de V – Beurre Corporel will be available for purchase this coming spring. Contact us at cuissesdevelours@gmail.com for more information or for purchase .

Beurre label


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