Bee Poster

A few weeks ago I spoke about producing a poster with a beekeeping theme. The image is now finished and printed ready for distribution. A large portion of all sales will be donated to the newly formed beekeeping association here in the region. This non-profit association, Apiculture Gatineau (link: is involved in persuading the local city council to allow residents to have a hive/s in their backyard. The city of Gatineau is presently one of the only municipalities in the province of Quebec which has a law prohibiting this activity. Since this newly formed group is active in teaching beekeeping in the region and spreading the plight of bees in general, I thought any small contribution would be welcomed. As many of us know, it is through the generous giving of many hours of work and involvement that many non-profit groups survive. Sometimes a little cash comes in handy too, so if anybody is interested in a good cause these hand printed (18×24 inches) posters are available for $19.95 by ordering through (postage extra). Thank you for your support.

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Bee poster

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