A new season begins

This week we had a quick look at the hives and unwrapped the winter insulation. Again the hives have survived and done well. Although not the prettiest site in the field, the old tar paper wrap seems to be the best method that works in our area. We were surprised to find all the hives with such a strong population and that they still had plenty of honey stores left over from the winter. New larvae was seen and since the day was warm, large amounts of pollen was being brought into the entrances. With such a good number of bees the year looks to be starting well and early. In a week or more we will reverse the brood boxes and clean out all the debris left over from the winter. We may have to add honey supers sooner than expected and start preparing splits for future “queen insurance” colonies. Its all good news!

Many thanks to J and L for helping out. We hope their first beekeeping year will be more successful than what we experienced in our first year. Bonne chance!





Photo credit: Margot P.(Merci)


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