Our hives are on private property but that does not mean the public won’t be tempted to check out our bees. The hives face a field that will have over 2500 strawberry plants this summer along with other vegetables. With this comes some pick-your-own so the general population may come into contact with an odd bee or two. With three hives going on four and 50,000+ bees in each, those chances are going to increase. So a sign or two will help. Its a warning for those that need to know. I think they say, “due diligence”. Notice I said help, as many people are too arrogant, clever, lazy or stupid to think that the sign applies to them. Of course it will be “our” bees that stung them. But just in case we keep a fresh EpiPen for insurance. In general the bees are too busy to worry about the odd human. They have work to do and  will divert around any obstacle that gets in their way, even the odd human.

Bee Sign

Bees at entrance


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