La Journee de l’abeille


Next Saturday (28th May) marks the annual Day of the Bee. To celebrate the occasion Apiculture Gatineau is inviting the public to view their new installation of beehives. Members will be on site to answer any questions and explain their association. See the following announcement for more details here.

While there don’t forget to visit the newly renovated pavilion at the site of La Ferme Moore. The bistro-boutique will be open for a great cup of coffee. More details here.

1 (2)

We visited the hives this week to open up and add more brood panels. From eight to ten in each. This gives the queen extra laying space, relieving congestion and possibly postponing any thought of swarming. Notice I said “possibly”. We seem to have hives which do very well in breeding bees. I won’t complain. This is wonderful as its the principal reason we embarked on this project. However, it does not always make it easy to work with the bees or manipulate their hives. Working with large bee populations takes extra time and disrupts the colony excessively. The girls can get a bit feisty at times! So this year we will intervene less and hope that the results will be the same as last, which were very good. We have added a swarm bait-box in a tree close by, just in case.

From the photo above you will see the strawberry plants just in front of the hives. We are late by a week or so this year but in a few days the flowers will be covered in bees pollinating and continuing to fill the honey supers which have already commenced.


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