Solar wax melting

Melting beeswax after the extraction process gets to be a bit of a messy process. I had heard of alternative ways and I wanted to try a more relaxed method = lazy. After a quick search on the old internet I found some information on how to build a solar wax melter. I visited my local fishmonger and scrounged a couple of polystyrene boxes to start the new project. A hole was cut in the centre of the box lid and I covered this with a sheet of plexiglass, taped down. A large aluminium tray was placed into the bottom of the box and the box was then covered with a sheet of mosquito netting, taped down. Paper towels were placed onto the mosquito netting and large amounts of wax cuttings were place onto the towels. The cover was returned on top and taped down.

Placed in the sun for a few days all the wax eventually melted into the tray. I added more each day to complete the process. I did remelt the wax from the tray at the end to filter it one last time. The project works well and will certainly be more efficient as the summer arrives and the days get warmer. Conclusion: Give it a try, it seems to work better if you watch it melt with a cold beer in hand. The following photos may help in your own project.

a - 1

a - 1 (1)

a - 1 (2)

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