Combining the hive-update

A week ago we combined a queen less hive with one that was queen-right. All has gone well and the paper that was used to slow the process down has now been dragged out of the hive. The two hives have now become one with no signs of confrontation. It only took a day or two before the ground was littered with all sizes of newspaper but mostly a large pile of small chewed, sugar grain size debris. The large pieces which had obviously not been read at all were of course political in subject matter. Bees can only take so much verbal waste matter before gossip spreads quickly. The next thing you’ve got a coup on your hands and all hell breaks out…or a swarm. This hive will be slower than the rest in production this year but will be a welcome reprieve as we have decided to rename another hive close by “The Factory”. More photos on this situation will follow at a later date…

Paper-02Newspaper clippings hive #2


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