Hives for sale

Langstroth deep brood boxes for sale.

We currently have some unneeded Langstroth deep brood boxes for sale. They are in good shape, disease free and either two or four years old. Each box comes fully loaded with ten panels of either comb or honey mix. This would allow you to start a package of bees or a nuc with a good population of bees going into the winter. Each box with panels is $30.00 Take two and we supply a cover and bottom board. Photos below:


Top Bar Hive for sale.

The next hive for sale is a Top Bar Hive. I built this hive two years ago but it has never been used. It is still in great shape with a newly added roof. The hive roof comes off and there is a small window at the back for viewing. It has a screened bottom plus a small plastic feeder that can be placed inside. A number of bars are included to get you started and the end panels are insulated for winter. The mice resistant legs can be unbolted to make the pickup in a vehicle more convenient. This hive would suit someone wanting to try the Top Bar method of keeping bees or for an established beekeeper to raise emergency queens in their yard. Price: $150.00

If you are interested in either of the hives mentioned, just drop an email to us at:



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