A second hive established.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 10.37.20 AM

We have established our second hive in the last few weeks. We were lucky enough to obtain a nuc from the local beekeeping association, Apicentris. These nucs were bought from an apiary close to Granby, Quebec. Once again a big thank you to this organisation which is really advancing urban beekeeping in our region. We are lucky to have this group of enthusiastic folks so close.

So what’s a nuc? It consists of four or five panels enclosed in a box made of plastic or cardboard. A nuc has two panels of honey and two more of fresh brood with eggs or fully formed larvae. Plus, the all-important freshly mated queen, who we have named Rachel. Upon receiving your nuc, you can place the panels directly into your awaiting hive. The hive population grows quickly if extra panels of honey and empty comb are added at the same time.

Nuc 2017

Presently the hive is bringing in pollen. The weather has not been conducive to a good year so far. Cool days and evenings with rain twice a week has been the norm. Most of the blossom has finished and our bees would have missed collecting it. This is not a problem for us at the moment. We are still establishing hives and being patient while the bees grow accustomed to their new surroundings. They will be spending a large amount of energy cleaning the old hive and re-arranging honey stock to their liking around the boxes. This is perhaps more so for the first package we obtained from Chile. These bees are very docile and their queen named Esperanza seems busy increasing her lineage. There, however, have been rumours of them asking for a return flight back to Chile. Since my Spanish language skills are non-existent, I am ignoring everything. It seems the weather is not to their liking…, I cannot blame them!

The eggs and new larvae can be seen in the photo below.

bees 2017

On another note, all our extra hive boxes and Top Bar hive have been sold. Thank you to everyone that inquired.



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