Bee Photography and Sticky Gloves

Photographing your bees and activities around the hives has always been a complicated affair for me. It is not just the sticky gloves and irritated bees that annoy me. The propolis gummed shutter and dead batteries usually occur exactly when you want to capture that special occasion. I don’t deny that after thirty odd years as a photographer, I am more accustomed to constructing or fabricating an image. Grabbing shots by chance has always challenged me and left me disappointed with the results. My impatience usually got the better of me and I would walk away frustrated, swearing just a little planning my strategy to return. If I did manage to obtain that special once-in-a-lifetime image, I felt guilty that I had no hand in its capture or I was just extremely lucky, not worthy of its capture or future increase in invoicing. The old, being in the “right place at the right time”.

So when you come across someone who does know how to photograph bees, well they should be complimented. That someone is Eric Tourneret. I had seen Eric’s work some years ago but it was while I visited my local library recently that I stumbled across his latest book “Les Routes Du Miel” Link: (by Eric Tourneret and Sylla De Saint Pierre). His work shows a great understanding of his subjects. His lifelong passion is something viewed with respect among photographers. It is when a photographer has “gone narrow, gone deep”. His work is inspirational not just photographically with great composition and angles but apicultural-ly. Eric has placed a tremendous number of his photographs on-line for everyone to see and this proves, to me, his love for the bee and their environment. Each page is filled with large photographs from beehives around the world with written text from respected professionals who add a sense of urgency to the bees present endangered predicament. I can highly recommend this publication, even more so when you are a beekeeper and know just how tricky it is to get special photographs. If you have the chance, grab this book from your local library or perhaps purchase it for your own pleasure. Thank you, Eric.

Be warned though, this volume is in the oversized book section and perhaps not for Grandmas old knees.



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