Winter wrap.

We have just wrapped our hives for the coming winter. Last year aluminum-bubble wrap foil was used but it didn’t seem to do as good of a job as it should. This year we have decided to go the tried and true black tar paper route. Hopefully the colour will absorb the heat more allowing the cluster to move about the hive for honey stores on bright sunny days. We also added some insulating panels at the back and sides where the sun never reaches. All the hives have good bees numbers, have ample honey and have been treated for mites. We will keep our fingers crossed and hope they make it through the winter season.

Winter wrap

For the next few weeks this will be their view from the top or bottom entrances.

winter wrap.02

In a month or two the same field will look a lot different at -25C or lower.

winter wrap.03

Check back later this winter for an update on the hives condition.


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